Friday, April 08, 2005

TORNADO hit us Thursday 4:00 PM

NOTE:: I am at a friends house using her computer. We had a Tornado go through yesterday. All is well with my home and family, but I have No power. Gotta get a pole fixed on the house and the box fixed before the electric company will hook it back up. MAJOR pain in the butt!
Has not been fun BUT still having my Garage Sale in the Morning.
Blessings to all, HOPE I am back on line SOON, been having MAJOR withdrawel!!
~*~*~Danna ~*~*~

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jag said...

Glad to hear you were spared from the storm. We just left South West Florida a couple of days ago. Had a great time and weather was beautiful. I saw you had commented on my daughters blog. (Pink Cracker) Isn't she the cutest..:)