Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Getting ready for our BIG garage sale this weekend! Lots of setting up and sorting. I made a to-do list and managed to get ALMOST everything done today! ~*~*~ I shipped off 25 eBay items today and 14 Amazon items ready for tomorrow! Busy,Busy! ~*~*~ I visited my Grandmother and she looked Great today! Her Doctor visit went well and he said she can put full weight on her leg now. So she can "git" up and start walking. Will take time. She is 84 years old! God Love her! Mom and Aunt Sally went to the Doctors with her and everyone was pleased with the results. ~*~*~ Jimmy faxed out some proposals for Sealcoating driveways today. Hope those pan out! ~*~*~ My son was still home from school, sick as a pup all day, Praying he can get to school tomorrow as he has missed 3 days now. Will be tough on him to get caught up. ~*~*~ Laura is on her second date with a Marine. They went to the movies, He seems very nice. ~*~*~ Lindsey worked today and did homework most of the night. ~*~*~ ALL IS WELL, Here in Florida ~*~*~ Blessings, Danna ~ <>< ~ <>< ~ ~*~*~*~*~ For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. ~*~*~*~ Psalms 91:11 ~*~*~*~*~ I DID MANAGE TO GET AN ELVIS PRESLEY CLASSIC LISTED ON EBAY "CLAMBAKE VHS" AND, I RELISTED A NECKTIE THAT I HAD ON ONCE BEFORE, BUT THE GUY NEVER PAID ME AND NOW HE IS NOT REGISTERED WITH EBAY, it's a Vintage PIERRE CARDIN Necktie with TOUCAN Birds ~*~*~

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