Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've Saved 7 months, 3 days, 20 hours of my Life Today

I woke up one morning only to have my prayers answered.
I did not smoke anymore!
After smoking from age 16 to age 40 something, it was a true miracle I quit!
I prayed many nights before bed, "Please Lord, let me wake up in the morning and not smoke!" And it finally happened! Cold turkey I knew that I knew it was time and it was "his"time not mine! I quit with no problems and have not smoked since!

I also joined this website: and it has been a rewarding influence to get their notices of how much longer I will live because of not smoking!

**cheers** to a healthy, smoke free life!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I got the BEET

My Aunt Sally gave me a bunch of fresh beets she picked up at the farmers market up by Palatka FL. They are huge!

I've never cooked fresh beets before so last night while on Twitter I had some great input from a few of my followers:

markdavidgerson@PowerSellingMom I just steam 'em. They're so tasty, they don't need much else!believesulli@PowerSellingMom I just boil them,or steam them,cut them in smaller pieces when they are fork tender.They're the best!Just don't wear white.

christinajade@PowerSellingMom this is good, tried it couple wks ago!

markdavidgerson@PowerSellingMom just peel and slice them first or it will take forever!christinajade@PowerSellingMom thank you! very very yummy stuff! :) let me know what you think!LeahCarson@PowerSellingMom Shredded beets+shredded carrots + touch of preferred sweetner + dash of ground cloves = great side dish


I will post later with photos of what I decided to make. But since I have sweet potatoes she also brought me I think I will go with the suggestion from christinajade.

Appreciated markdavidgerson letting me know about slicing them thin. I bet it would take forever to cook them.

Had to laugh at believesulli about wearing white!!! lol

Also appreciated
with the shredded suggestion. I may have to try that one next time!