Monday, April 04, 2005


Have to head out to Tampa airport to pick up my son! He is flying in from Denver. He spent spring break with his dad snow boarding and skiing! The girls did not go with this time. ANYHOW, this Irish Jimmy page i have been working on has been driving me NUTZ. I sent the link out and and it was like 50/50 for people to hear the music. The clip only lasts like 22 seconds. That is as long as the FREE download i could post it with. Now i am wondering if its because of the way i have it saved? Could it be the kind of player i use to play it? I use ITUNES. One person told me that they had to download ITUNES just to hear it. SO, i think i need to do it over and this time use RealPlayer or Media player. Didn't even dawn on me till Billy Wind emailed me with the suggestion and the more i think about it the more it makes sense. SO, for now i will let it rest for a few days and try it again. Gotta get some stuff listed on ebay first. ~*~*~*~ Planning a Garage Sale this weekend too, Lots to do! ~*~*~ I did list an interesting book today. I could not find a copy of it at all on eBay or Amazon. Its called: TIME BOMB by AMERICAN PATRIOTS PAST AND PRESENT! I heard it was even banned from some stores.Back of book reads: WHY IS AMERICA THE TARGET OF TERRORISTS? You'll discover why in TIME BOMB! Why has the Bush Administration sought to create a coalition with Communist totalitarian police states, with criminal regimes which sponsor terrorism, with nations which aim to defeat the United States and achieve world domination? Find out the FACTS about this flagrant betrayal. Criminal conspirators have pursued their malevolent agenda to create chaos, to Sovietize America and to create a communistic NEW WORLD ORDER with global government, without the suspicion of most Americans. How is this possible? Has the ruling elite exploited the specter of terrorism as a further step toward a police state in America? This explosive book contains what people need to know and understand in order to anser these questions and to save this country and thw rold from global reign of Communist-led terror ....................... WHEW, it has some HEAVY STUFF inside .............. .............. ok, gotta go ..........

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