Thursday, April 14, 2005

Back on-Line

What an ordeal it has been. Had no electric from Thursday till Sunday Night and had no phone till Wed. Last night they finally came out and put up new phone lines. Insurance company came out and said we will be getting a new roof. We have a huge tree not on our property that needs to be cut down and now have to find out how to go about that mess. The tree has a ton of huge branches that came detached and are just sitting about in the tree like spears waiting for the next wind. Meanwhile we are parking our cars in the yard and not the driveway cause that is where the tree overhangs. I have to investigate who owns the tree cause it is in an empty area of land next to our house. Ralph down the street said we ALL own it. I was thinking, well then, where is my deed to owning a part of that land??? So, who knows. ~*~*~*~ Main thing is we are all safe and sound. Down the street a man still had a tree sitting on top of his pick-up truck and saw another car smashed. Could of been worse. Thank you Jesus for protecting all those involved. No deaths, only some injuries here and there. Many people lost their entire homes too. ~*~*~ After it happened I called the United Way to see if they could help us and you would not believe HOW RUDE this lady was to me on the phone. Here I was upset seeking help or advise and she was way out of line. I thought, geeez to think she is paid to act like that with donations that people make to the organization. They are on payroll not volunteers. Oh well, such is life. ~*~*~*~ Meanwhile, my shipping is way backed up, my auctions are all ended and I have LOTS of work to get caught up with.... So, gotta put my nose to the grindstone and get busy, some people were expecting me to ship their stuff out last Friday . Hope I don't get any bad feedback over this, But, what will be will be .................... HAVE A BLESSED DAY ~*~*~

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