Monday, March 28, 2005


THE Wind is ROARING outside today with 25mph gusts. I have palm tree leaves all over my yard. Least it's not a hurricane! Had enough of that last year! ~*~ Today I am going to pick-up some old time piano rolls to list for this lady from Ocala. I will get a commission for selling them! ~*~*~ Now I just listed a Painting Book from the WALTER FOSTER collection. His stuff usually does well, BUT ya never know! Earlier today I listed a 1977 issue from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER! It was fun looking through it. Some WILD stuff, like UFO's, Elvis, etc. Some mail-away offers included, such as: STAR WARS & Record collections. ~*~*~ I do Love what I do! ~*~*~ Irish Jimmy is out doing Driveways today! Sealcoating is HIS specialty, well besides SINGING which is his 1st love! He is the "IRISH SEALCOATER" ~*~*~


Sagar said...

that is cool. i need it. not going thru and interesting phase in life. ofcourse this will fade away. but i am just bugged up currently.
take care

Michael said...


Great Blog. Im happy for you, that your life is blessed. Hey thanks for visiting my blog..(remember the bear in the bathroom)

Had to track you down and say thanks for the visit.