Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Days Work

I worked today from 9:45 to 4:45 pm Setting up a customer's computer to start selling on eBay! She paid me $100.00. She was excited and confident when I left. She will be a huge success cause she had enthusiasm about her new career! It was very rewarding for me too. She was learning from scratch. I covered everything from: HOW to COPY & PASTE, Use NOTEPAD, Running COMPUTER MAINTENANCE, Researching Items, Folder/Files for storage, DIGITAL Camera usage, Taking photos, editing and lots more!! She appreciated all my selling tips! ~*~*~*~ Then I went to visit Grandma, she looked good today ~*~*~ I FINALLY got those PLAYER PIANO ROLLS Listed! Whew, what a job that was. I realized how beneficial it was to type out EVERYTHING from Each roll. 40 Rolls in all! ~*~*~*~ Time now to list some books on AMAZON! ~*~*~ Blessings, Danna <>< ~*~*~


Johnny Crow said...

That's not bad I suppose, a little over $16.50 hour to teach someone how to use a computer and then how to sell on e-bay and Amazon. Coincidently I used to teach people how to use computers (though not to sell) I did make much money at it because it felt like teaching someone how to make toast. Well it was that easy for me anyway, but here I am thinking again about doing wholesale on ebay and Amazon. I never really got around to it before. I used to good a buying and selling information, but actually goods are a whole nother lot for me. Anyway Sounds like you are having a fantastic time.

AgnosticOracle said...

Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

Pslam 137:9

Johnny Crow said...

to agnosticoracle:

I do not consider myself a christian, In fact if you read my blog you will see that I am agnostic myself. Needless to say though that it comes off like you are more athiest than agnostic. By definition agnostic is someone who believes it is impossible to know whether a god exists or not. So tell me please why you would quote scripture without an explination, and also with the lack of context. I myself have read the bible more than once, I have studied religions and various other things disguised as religion, and I am far from being one who will believe in most of it. Yet this text you refrence if you read it carefully and in context you will note that it is a refrence about babylon, and that the person saying it is not saying that they would be happy to bash your little childrens head with stones but that since they are no longer in zion (jeruselum) but rather in babylon and that thier capters (the babylonians) would find joy is bashing thier childrens heads in with stones. It much like me saying that my neighbor would be happy if he could take my paper everyday. Read all of psalms 137 or hell all of psalms for that matter.

I am not saying that there aren't things wrong or even hypocritical in the bible, or even the koran, or the torah, even other holy books have thier flaws, but before you go starting a fight you don't even understand I would research what it is that you are really talking about. I hope you find your answers and I hope that I have not offended anyone by my blunt attitude.

Peace, Love & (R)evolution

AgnosticOracle said...

O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us- he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.
You have it backwards. He is happy who siezes the babylonians babbies and dashes them against the rocks.

Johnny Crow said...

Read it through, If you do you will see that they are captors to babylon, and that the captors mock them (and so on and so forth) And then they say the two lines you quote, saying that whoever will be the one to repay you for what you did, will be happy and whoever will smash your babies heads against the rock will be happy. (sorry I mistook the verbage myself, I apologize its been a while since I read that psalms) Anyway, yeah its harsh but lets say you were being held captive, would you not wish bad on your captors, would you not say that what goes around comes around. I mean I would be smashin some heads myself. It may not be right, but we are human. Also if you do research you will read that some of these things were in common practice during that time, you can even read Kings 8:12 where Jesus weeps because of what they do to children and In Isaiah 13, you read of the destruction of babylon. Some pretty cruel stuff. I admit that this seems contradicary to the love thy neighor spewed by so many, but religion can do some powerful things. I still wonder what your motivation is though. I gave you some good things to look up and I hope that you have more hindsight to at least research what you talk about.