Saturday, December 27, 2008

My eBay Store

I opened up my eBay store (back in the day) lol No clue when but when I did I called it: Ask Danna. Then I bought the domain: At the time I had a website that was for people to ask me questions about eBay and to share freebies and offer free auction advertising.
This was way before the bump came along.
The way I had it for people to share their auctions was,
I set-up a guest book on my website page.
I changed the wording on the guest book.
Instead of it reading: Sign my guest book, I had it read: Post your Auction here!
It worked out very well at the time and I had quite a following of regular people posting auctions and visiting my website:

Soon, my site was so busy with traffic that the "Free" site I had it on would not allow anymore visitors. I contact the company and they said I was over my traffic limit for the month.

I then went to GoDaddy and set-up a website there.
I love it and it all went smooth until they started charging me more money each month than what I had signed up for. After the 2nd month of this happening, I contacted GoDaddy to ask them what the deal was and they told me that in one month I had over 28 thousand visitors AND the next month I had 32 thousand visitors in one month! I was like OMG!

I had to increase my bandwidth and come up with a new plan.

Soon after: was born and after awhile, I had no need for the site anymore except to point it to my eBay store. I've always had the same name, so now my points to my eBay store AND the rest is history!

125x125 Hosting & Servers at

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