Monday, July 23, 2007

April 2007 PowerSellingMom

I wanted to share the page from my website called:
Featured PowerSeller!
Each Month I will feature a new Powerseller and I have the May Powerseller ready as well as the June and July one's ready!! AWESOME!

Let me Introduce to you the APRIL Powerseller:

ebay Name: lindac864


PowerSellingMom of 1 grown son and 1 grown grandson. Selling on Ebay since: October. 2005

When I first became a member of Ebay in October 2004 I was a Buyer. I never thought about selling anything through Ebay.

Less than a year later I found myself unemployed due to office closing in a company that I had worked for almost 25 years. I started looking for ways to earn extra money through the Internet. I tried several things that were not what they seemed. I started looking around Ebay, reviewing tutorials and reading reviews. I decided to give it a try. Listing was so simple, I wondered why I hadn't done this before. I became a power seller within the first three months.

I am a single mom 56 years old. I enjoy reading, attending church, working in the yard. I was born and raised in Virginia, married a guy from South Carolina and moved here in 1968. I go home to Virginia couple times a year and spend time with my Mother. I also have two cats that are now my children since my son is grown. Before Ebay, in my former life, I was a licensed Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster.

Thanks bunches to this Awesome Powerselling Mom for being our 1st Featured Powerseller! I enjoyed speaking with her and learning more about her selling strategies. Bratz Dolls are her #1 selling item right now! She offers many children's toys and clothing! Plus she has a few bargains going on with some fine jewelry! Hats off to this Power Selling Mom! She is "Mom" approved! Visit her store and show your support!

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