Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Torch Lake Treasures In The Spotlight

30 Days in the Spotlight

THE place to find treasures on eBay!

Torch Lake Treasures is the name of my eBay store, and it truly is a treasure trove!
I love to shop for deals and pass them along to you! I sell just about anything in my
store, so you do have to check back often, as you are never sure what you may find.

Books, home school curriculum, antiques, collectibles, coins, designer handbags
(a personal favorite!), clothing, and more. I sell both gently used and brand new items.
If it is used, you can bet it will be in excellent shape, something I would take pride
in owning myself, or you wont find it in my store.

I strive to ship out the same day you pay. Customer service is important to me.
Communications is essential for happy repeat customers. Read my feedback, I think
I am achieving my high personal goals in this area!

I am a homeschool mom trying to make ends meet. What started out as a way to clear
out my house, is ending up to be a very rewarding and joyous adventure! Please stop by
and see what we are all about!

Be sure to visit my eBay store at:

Blessings to each and everyone.


Love and Hugs,


~Torch Lake Treasures

Thanks bunches for spending 30 DAYS in the SPOTLIGHT with us!

Keep up the Good Work!

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