Wednesday, July 13, 2005


WELL, With all this FREE time i have had away from my eBay sales ... I decided to finish a book i had been working on since last October. ~*~ Just a Powerselling MOM ~*~ Sharing the Blessings of Selling on eBay & Amazon

Product Description:
A BLESSED POWER SELLER, SHARING THE BLESSINGS! ~*~ In 1997 I quit my "REAL" job and Went for it! ~*~ Single Mother of 3! Only working eBay at the time. I managed to buy a home in Florida too! ~*~ Packed up from the Chicago Burbs with the rest being History! ~*~ NOW Ive put my selling strategies into book form. I will show you what worked for me and you will be ready to START SELLING YOUR FIRST ITEM TODAY! ~*~ The eBay seller already established will gain much insight into the details that may of been overlooked. INCLUDING free photo storage tips, SELLING TIPS, SETTING UP YOUR FILES, COMPUTER MAINTENANCE & lots more


Do hope it goes well!! Send in a prayer if you could please!! I have no eBay income right now and this could help out tons...

Blessings to all and to ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!

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