Thursday, May 12, 2005


Gotta start packing in a bit. Going to Orlando for the weekend! Will be a birthday get-away! We have free tickets to Wet-n-Wild water park, will be interesting! And I would like to go to see the show at Dolly Pardons new place, Dixie Stampede. I saw it on the Travel Channel and it looks fun! Seems a bit like the same format as medieval Times. Will see what we FEEL like doing. Mainly wanting some R&R. ~*~*~ My Grandmother comes home from Rehab the 17th. Today the Therapy bus brought her here and we had a trial run of learning to get her around in her "Pad"... She was tickled pink to visit and hated to leave. All went well, but could tell she was in a bit of pain so I snuck her 3 Advils and a drink! She gave me a WINK ;). ... I can see the headlines now : GRANDDAUGHTER SECRETLY SLIPPING DRUGS TO GRANDMA DURING REHAB VISIT! .. LOL ......... Anyhow, been listing records on eBay, NO idea if they are any good , just hope to get them out of my Garage! I think Brooker T & The Mg's may be a good one! CLICK TO VIEW

FRIDAY THE 13th TOMORROW!! MY LUCKY DAY!! My 44th BD. Happy Birthday TO ME!! Off to Orlando! .... Blessings, Danna .... <><.....

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